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Mission Statement :

Theatre Redefined Productions uses the fundamentals of theatre arts to equip each student with the tools necessary to navigate confidently through life by thinking outside the box and meeting every challenge with heart, dedication, and a strong work ethic.


About Linda

Welcome to my world!

Performing has always been an extension of my everyday life. I’ll never forget the moment, when my mom took me to see a production of Gypsy, that I truly understood my life’s pursuit. I pointed at the stage and said “That is what I want to do!”
 After receiving my B.A. in Performance: Acting/Directing from California State University Long Beach, I continued to study and learn while seizing every opportunity to Act, Sing, Dance, Teach, Direct, and Write. I was then offered a Voice Over gig in Japanese Anime, and I fell in love with performing all over again! With each project comes endless possibilities that I am happy to discover and grateful to create.

The importance of theatre in my life has not gone unnoticed. The theatrical skills I have acquired have become life tools that have allowed me to be in the moment and quickly adapt to many situations. These tools inspired me to start Theatre Redefined Productions as a way to share all the benefits of theatre arts with students. Theatre games, for example, are geared to activate so many useful abilities like memorization, communication, physical fitness, concentration, empathy, cooperation, confidence, imagination, stress relief and so much more! Performance coaching is so rewarding and I am dedicated to the needs and goals of the individual student.

Allow me to share my dedication and voice with you...

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